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Gilberto Valle On Trial For Murder And Rape Plot


Gilberto Valle’s sick and disturbing fetish is described by his defense lawyer Julia Gatto as a, “vibrant subculture of role playing.”  Gatto is taking an extreme angle defending Valle in his actions of using police databases to find, kidnap, rape, and cannibalize about 100 women.  They are resting on the mere fact that Valle never acted on his thoughts and how can you convict someone for simply talking and thinking about killing women.

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Brooklyn Woman Arrested After Filming Police

Could be filming some police brutality

Did you know that New York City paid $550 million in lawsuits during the 2011 fiscal year?  That is $70 from every resident in the New York area.  Taxpayers are paying at least $185 million for NYPD lawsuits alone!  Well, there is yet another lawsuit against the NYPD, because of racial profiling that comes along with searching and frisking.

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NY Judge Prevents Police Officers From Stop and Frisk in the Bronx

New York

Picture yourself walking in the Bronx borough of New York heading to your home or apartment and a police officer stops you and asks to search you.  He is searching you because he thinks you look suspicious and you might be holding a firearm.  Is this fair for the police officer to stop you and frisk you?  A New York Judge, Shira Scheindlin, says no. She has put a halt to searches and frisking, deeming it unconstitutional and a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

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Man On The Lamb Turns Himself In

A lamb on the lamb

A career criminal John Thomas, turned himself in after being on the lamb for a month. He first caught the attention of Detective Nick Romano and Sergeant Craig Brier for suspicious activity in the parking lot of an auto-supply store in Jamaica Queens.  When the law enforcers approached Thomas in an attempt to question him he made a run for it.  As Romano and Brier chased Thomas he let off four shots, hitting Brier once in both legs.  After the massive manhunt spanning an entire month, the wounded 15-year veteran was relieved when John Thomas decided to turn himself in.  This uncharacteristic surrender comes as a welcome surprise to everyone, especially Brier’s mother who said she got goose bumps when she heard the news.  Now, Thomas faces charges of attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon, and assault.

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NYC Cop On His Own For Pepper Spraying

Lone police officer

Anthony Bologna, a man infamous among Occupy Wall Street protesters, who even warranted the nickname, Tony Baloney, is being sued for pepper spraying a crowd of protesters on September 24, 2011. Three women involved in the protest are filing the lawsuit as well as two additional protesters.  They claim that Anthony Bologna, a Deputy officer, violated their free speech and civil rights.  His actions were described as having “no legal reason,” and therefore the city of New York will not financially back Mr. Bologna for his actions regarding the protesters.  Instead the Captains Endowment Association, an organization that represents NYPD officers in the rankings of Captain, Deputy and Surgeon, will be covering Mr. Bologna’s lawsuit costs.  The Deputy was only docked 10 vacation days and given a departmental discipline which was an outrage to some who saw the viral video of the pepper spraying on YouTube.

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