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Nature Valley is Unnatural

In a crunch

How natural does ‘natural’ have to be? It appears that the Organic Consumers Association (and other groups) have an answer. A lawsuit from a few years ago has forced General Mills, makers of the crunchy granola snack Nature Valley, to drop the “100% Natural” label from their advertising. The snack contains traces of a chemical called glyphosate, which is actually a weed killer. The inclusion of this substance is in accordance with EPA standards (30 parts per million in grains), whereas Nature Valley products include .45 parts per million. Still, the OCA and 2 other organizations have shaken General Mills and are now having an impact on their product (and stock performance). Read More

Cablevision Class Action Rebates

My turn to pick the channel

Do you ever find yourself in a state of saying, “That’s not fair!” or bickering with a house mate or sibling over what to watch on television? You aren’t alone—and if you are a Cablevision customer a lot of unfairness has been flying under the radar. However, the injustice is coming to an end.

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Careful with the Conditioner!


Even if you are a sworn Suave customer or only buy Herbal Essences for your hair care needs, you have probably seen or heard about WEN. WEN is a hair care line that is only available through television offers, like QVC or online through the official company website. Often, when sitting down to breakfast and morning coffee while flipping through channels, a promotional segment for WEN by Celebrity Stylist Chaz Dean will be running.

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Delaney Hall Paying Below Minimum Wage

Fighting for your earnings

Think of your daily routine, wake up, go to work, clock in, have lunch, work some more then clock out. You work hard all week and look forward to payday; it’s a celebration, but what if you were working a full work week and not getting paid what you earned? There would be no celebration for your hard work. Imagine clocking in hours and not getting the money you earned? Sad to report, this isn’t a hypothetical for some workers; this is reality for the workers at Delaney Hall in Newark, New Jersey.

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Johnny Manziel: Career Damage Turns to Property Damage

Knocking heads in the courtroom

Johnny Football has had a harder time escaping and eluding public headlines, compared to collegiate and professional defensive players. The good news is that he does not seem to mind, which gives reporters plenty of fresh content while keeping his name relevant.  Manziel is being sued for over $40,000 by The Goodwin Group Inc., for physical damage and rule violations with regard to a property he rented from April 4th – April 6th.  Damages have exceeded $19,000, including “extensive burn marks from cigarettes and marijuana” and wine stains “that cannot be removed” from the carpet, according to the news article.  As a part of the rental documentation, Manziel agreed to terms that the property was strictly for his personal and private use and that he would pay a fine of $10,000 any time 15 or more people were at the property.  Staying true to form, Johnny violated this rule twice, resulting in two separate $10,000 fines.

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