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Disney Accused of Hostile Work Conditions

Disney’s dilemma

Disney may be headed to court as two dozen former employees are filing a compliant with the EEOC. The Disney workers were employed at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The former workers claim that they lost their jobs due to discrimination, alleging that they were victims of “national origin discrimination”. The January layoff came after an agreement with IT services contractors.

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Deceptive Price Tags Lead to Lawsuit

Shopping slip-up

As the holidays approach, it is important that consumers shop smart and save. Thousands of bargain hunters flood the outlet malls, in search of major savings. A recent lawsuit against Kate Spade and Company alleges that the store has been advertising a fake original price. They are forging these “retail” prices so that consumers believe they are getting a deep discount on those products when, in reality, they are not. Kate Spade and Company operates 97 boutiques and 62 outlet stores in the United States, which sell high-end handbags, clothing, and accessories. According to this class action lawsuit, “Kate Spade misrepresented the existence, nature and amount of price discounts to consumers in its outlet stores.” The store marked “our price” as a fabricated value, encouraging eager shoppers to believe they were catching a great steal.

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Walt Disney Parks and Resorts: The Happiest Place on Earth?

It’s a small world

In an age where we learn more and more about cognitive diseases on a daily basis, sometimes it’s the oldest of establishments that take the longest to conform to societal upgrades.  In a recent discrimination lawsuit filed against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, 25 parents and guardians have assembled what they hope is a precedent for people suffering from cognitive diseases for all time to come.  Prior to the 2013 change, disabled persons, including autistic children, were issued a Disney Guest Assistance Card (GAC), which allowed them to go to the front of the line.  Disney Park’s new program DAS (Disability Assistance System), now institutes that any disabled person will only be able to access the rides during specified time slots, constituted by Disney’s DAS team.

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Tom Cruise Sues Life & Style, In Touch

Don’t believe everything you read.

Following two recent headlines in two publications, Tom Cruise has elected to file a Lawsuit for 50 Million dollars. The Lawsuit, which claims damages against the highly esteemed Hollywood Actor, lays in the wake of a “disgusting, vicious lie” according to Cruise’s Lawyer, Bert Fields. Both Life & Style and In Touch Magazines, which ran the stories are owned and operated by Bauer Publishing. The tabloid magazines ran similar headlines in early October surrounding Cruise, his 6 year old daughter Suri and his now ex-wife, Katie Holmes. Life and Style alleged “Suri in tears: Abandoned by her Dad” while In Touch added “Abandoned by Daddy.” Cruise’s Lawyer confirmed the suit publicly, and added a statement to TMZ detailing where the news organizations had gone wrong.

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Don’t Rush to Get a Prepaid Card

More money more problems

Prepaid debit cards have been a blessing in disguise for many of America’s working class, as it keeps its users from over drafting their accounts or spending money they do not have.  One of the most popular versions of the prepaid card family is the RushCard, which is owned and operated by celebrity icon, Russell Simmons.  The trouble started on October 12th during a scheduled maintenance session, in which a multitude of users had their accounts cleared, as well as the delay of paychecks with Direct Deposit features.

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