Brooklyn Woman Arrested After Filming Police

Could be filming some police brutality

Did you know that New York City paid $550 million in lawsuits during the 2011 fiscal year?  That is $70 from every resident in the New York area.  Taxpayers are paying at least $185 million for NYPD lawsuits alone!  Well, there is yet another lawsuit against the NYPD, because of racial profiling that comes along with searching and frisking.

Hadiyah Charles, from Brooklyn, New York came across a disturbing scene when she was walking the streets of New York.  She stumbled upon a police officer searching three gentlemen who claimed they were just fixing their bike.  Hadiyah took it in to her own hands to make sure the police officers knew they were in the wrong.  She took out her phone and filmed the situation that was playing out before her eyes.  When Charles asked what the police officer was doing, he claimed it was, “police business,” and at one point a woman police officer shoved her to stop filming.  Charles then proceeded to ask to file a complaint but the police officers decided to arrest her instead.

She was taken to the 79th Precinct and held for an hour and a half.  During her time at the Precinct the officers told her that, “this is what happens when you get involved.”  The police officers violated her first and fourth amendment rights by arresting her.  She is now filing a lawsuit against the NYPD because it is her right to film the police in New York.

One thought on “Brooklyn Woman Arrested After Filming Police

  1. Robyn Doane

    What else is new? Police officers taking advantage of the fact that they have a badge. Is it some sort of game that they play? One, I can’t believe that there had been so many lawsuits against the NYPD! Two, I also can’t believe that taxpayers are paying for the lawsuits out of their taxes when the NYPD is violating their rights. It’s like this sick cycle that just keeps the balling rolling. Someone’s rights are violated, that person sues, the suit is won, and the taxpayers pay. But I guess who else will pay for the discrimination that cops ship out?

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