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Another Celebrity Arrest And How Not To Behave During A Traffic Stop


It was recently revealed that Reese Witherspoon was arrested last weekend in Atlanta after her husband was pulled over for driving in the wrong lane. The incident proved to be an embarrassment for the actress, prompting her to issue an apology for her actions that night. More than embarrassing, her aggressive behavior also led to her arrest and being charged with disorderly conduct.

I have little doubt that Ms. Witherspoon is a nice person and truly regrets this ordeal, but the whole incident serves as an example of how people should not behave when pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving or any other traffic stop. Now, there may be certain legal issues to the validity of a traffic stop, but that should be addressed later through counsel not litigated between you and the officer on the side of the highway. This generally never ends well for the driver or passenger.

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Minnesota Man On Scooter Faces DWI Charges

Scooter time

Just a few months ago I brought you a story about how one Minnesota man had his drunk driving charges dismissed after the Minnesota Court of Appeals found that a Segway was not considered a motor vehicle under state law. Though a Segway may not qualify, a new case is testing the limits of that definition.

The case involves a man who was arrested in Lakeville, MN earlier this month. The man stands accused of driving drunk on an electric scooter. Police say that they received a call late at night from someone who wanted to report that a man on a scooter had hit a parked car. Police have not released details about the specifications of the scooter, other than that the scooter was powered by gasoline.

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Riddell Football Helmet in Serious Trouble

Football helmet

The sport of football in America is close to the hearts of many people. Whether they grew up playing the game or are a fan of a professional or college team, the passion for football in the states is second to none.

Many people often forget about the danger associated with the sport. When a player straps on a helmet, there is a high probability that aninjury can occur sometime throughout their career. The National Football League has recently been under a lot of scrutiny for head injuries and concussions that have occurred on the field.

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Statistics Reveal Surprisingly Few DUI Arrests In Boston


A recent and surprising story from the Boston Globe discussed what appears to be an abnormally low number of drunk driving arrests reported in a major American city. Numbers obtained by the Boston Globe revealed that police in Boston only made 241 drunk driving arrests in all of 2012, shocking numbers given Boston’s rank as the 10th largest metro area in the country.

The number of DUI arrests in Boston is confusing given that it not only pales in comparison to the numbers for similar sized and even smaller cities, but also because it reflects a dramatic drop from numbers seen only a few years ago. The data revealed that since 2009, the number of drunk driving arrests in the city have dropped by an astounding 33 percent.

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The Legal Issues of Death

Time is ticking

Death isn’t simple. The period prior to one’s passing may involve a great deal of prolonged, complicated preparation for the event, and once one dies, a series of legal issues need to be addressed and resolved to settle even the simplest of estates. The death of almost every adult in the United States will generate the need for someone to take care of the decedent’s personal finances, handle asset and, possibly, probate issues in addition to burial arrangements.

The executor of an estate may need to work closely with insurance agents, bankers, employers, stockbrokers, accountants, lawyers, funeral directors and government agencies such as Social Security. In some cases, the list of parties with which to deal will prove even more extensive.

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