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Record Medical Device Settlement

Johnson & Johnson’s Fourth Quarter Earnings May Need a Resuscitation.

November has been a month to forget for global pharmaceutical medical device giant Johnson & Johnson. The giant has agreed to settle the ongoing lawsuits centered on their recalled hip implants.

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MRI Machines Find Themselves Playing Prominent Role In Some Criminal Cases


In a strange development in the criminal defense world, experts say that brain scans and other scientific data is increasingly being used in criminal trials, with defense attorneys citing MRIs as proof that their clients ought to be set free or at the least receive special considerations.

Experts familiar with the matter say that lawyers have begun turning to scientific studies, as a criminal defense strategy, to minimize the extent to which their clients ought to be held responsible or punished for certain crimes. Some estimate that as many as five percent of all murder cases now include neuroscience evidence, a surprising development that has exploded in the last few years. Read more

McDonalds Hit with Another Hot Coffee Lawsuit

Hot coffee

The controversy over scalding hot coffee temperatures at McDonald’s continues. The fast food chain was recently hit with another lawsuit by a customer who was severely burned by their coffee. Joan Fino, a 74-year old California resident, is the latest to sue McDonalds for burns she sustained from hot coffee spilling in her lap. Nicholas Wagner, Fino’s attorney states, “Despite over 1,000 complaints from customers about being burned by the coffee, McDonald’s still continues to brew the coffee at such an exceptionally high temperature”. Fino claims she receive her coffee and the lid was not secure, causing her to spill the coffee, and she continues to suffer from the aftermath of her injuries. Read More

Collateral Damage: Man Sues Bank After Collapse

Lock it up

Ever forget to make a payment or remember you owe money on a bill and have a panic attack? Something similar happened to 61 year-old John Stecher on his last visit to the bank, and as a result, the man collapsed from a heart attack. After receiving calls about a missed mortgage payment, Mr. Stecher walked into the Bank of America in Chartlotte, NC in attempts to get the situation straightened out. The bank stood by the assumption that they did not receive his payment, to which John became stressed out and experienced a heart attack. The man is now suing for $10,000, according to his lawyer Paul Goodson. Read more