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Public Intoxication: Broad Category, Fine Line

Fine line

Public intoxication is not exactly related to Rochester DWI offenses. However, it is possible for someone charged with a DWI, or even a passenger in their vehicle, to be charged with public intoxication.

Public intoxication laws are often quite broad. There have been a number of cases where protocol and specific provisions were questioned because law enforcement entered into establishments which served alcohol and arrested patrons on the spot. Most attorneys would agree that, in such cases, a fine line is crossed.

Public intoxication laws should, and typically do, apply to the aftermath of imbibing, including actions and events occurring once the person has left the establishment in which alcohol was served. In some states, the laws can become complicated here because of social host liability, etc. However, public intoxication is a matter of being and acting intoxicated and impaired in public, typically by causing a public disturbance of some sort.

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Skateboarder Charged With DUID


This news story comes from the State of Oregon and was reported by CBS News. According to a representative from the Salem Police Department, a 20-year-old skateboarding male sustained serious injuries in a collision with a van, but is fortunately expected to survive.

Reports state that at around 5 p.m., the skateboarder rolled onto the street and veered straight into a 1997 Ford Econoline van’s path.

The skateboarder, who was not wearing a helmet at the time of the incident, was taken to a hospital nearby to treat his lacerations and broken bones. It was here he was cited for Driving while Under the Influence of Intoxicants (aka DUID or Drugged Driving), as well as for a minor in possession of alcohol.

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All You Need to Know About Bankruptcy Counseling

I do declare

Bankruptcy should be the last option for you when find no other alternative to pay down the outstanding debts. Filing bankruptcy is an important financial decision of your life that may affect your economic condition badly.

As such, it’s important that you know about the consequences of filing bankruptcy. You may seek help from a bankruptcy counselor to know more about this process. Bankruptcy counseling is offered to the individuals who face financial crisis so that they can understand their options in a better way and, in turn, get rid of debt problems.

Any individual thinking to file bankruptcy should know about the process properly. There are different chapters of bankruptcy that you can file. Each of them has different requirements and resulting consequences. Bankruptcy counseling will help the individual know if bankruptcy is the right decision for their situation. It may also help you find ways to avoid bankruptcy that created problem initially.

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Michael Jackson’s Son to Take the Witness Stand in His Father’s Wrongful Death Case

Take the stand

Finally, Michael Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit is set to take another step forward, thanks to the King of Pop’s eldest son, Prince Jackson.

Recent reports confirmed that the 16-year-old boy will take the witness stand to testify on the wrongful death case filed by his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, following the untimely death of the pop icon.

According to media sources, Prince is bound to tell the court about the conversation that he had with his father when the latter was still alive.

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Understanding Drowsy Driving in Relation to DWI

Drowsy driving

While accident and deaths as a result of DWI/DUI get most of the media attention, a report from AAA shows that in the Spring of the year 2010, more than 41% of the U.S. drivers surveyed admitted to having nodded off or fallen asleep while driving. In fact, drowsy driving was the cause of approximately one of every six fatal car accidents and one of every eight crashes that resulted in a hospital visit. These statistics, however, do not even reflect the entirety of the problem.

One main reason that accidents resulting from drowsy driving are not often reported is because of hyperarousal. Hyperarousal is a condition or state that usually eliminates all noticeable signs of impairment due to fatigue and drowsiness. Since the more noticeable signs of drowsiness are eradicated by the chaos of an automobile accident, the main cause of the crash is often not detected or reported.

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