Michael Jackson’s Son to Take the Witness Stand in His Father’s Wrongful Death Case

Take the stand

Finally, Michael Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit is set to take another step forward, thanks to the King of Pop’s eldest son, Prince Jackson.

Recent reports confirmed that the 16-year-old boy will take the witness stand to testify on the wrongful death case filed by his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, following the untimely death of the pop icon.

According to media sources, Prince is bound to tell the court about the conversation that he had with his father when the latter was still alive.

Prince’s grandmother, who has long been battling the said wrongful death lawsuit, accuses MJ’s concert promoter, AEG Live, of being responsible for negligently hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to care for the late pop singer.

Also, in a recent trial, a solid piece of evidence, which could likewise set the record straight, was presented before the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The said evidence was referred to as the “Smoking Gun”. It revealed a set of e-mail exchange sent back and forth by AEG Live’s Co-CEO, Paul Gongaware and the concert director, Kenny Ortega. Apparently, the said e-mails directly involve the mentioned AEG personnel in pressuring Murray to have MJ at the concert rehearsals despite his fragile health condition.

Now, if Prince’s testimony would be seen by the court as solid evidence to support MJ’s wrongful death lawsuit, expect its progress to be in full blast in the following trials. Most probably, it will also be another big break for the Jackson family’s Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer once the case reaches a favorable verdict.

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