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Kellogg’s Whole Wheat Cheez-It Problem

A less healthy option

On Thursday, a class-action complaint was filed against Kellogg, the maker of Cheez-It over the use of the term whole grain. The complaint alleges that the so-called “whole grain” version is nearly identical to the original version and they are asking Kellogg to stop marketing the Whole Grain Cheez-Its as it is. The plaintiffs content that the whole grain version contains enriched white flour rather than the whole wheat flour, which contains high amounts of fiber. They contend that the flour used mainly consists of starch and the fiber is either very little or none at all.

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Ticketmaster Settles Lawsuit

You’ll need a ticket

This week, Ticketmaster, after a decade long class-action lawsuit has reached an agreement with the plaintiffs. Ticketmaster will pay out $400 million dollars to settle overpricing on such items as order-processing and shipping costs. The settlement will only concern people who purchased tickets from the website on October 21, 1999 through February 27, 2013.  The catch, however, is they are going to be in the form of credits. One such credit is for $2.25 for an online ticket purchase and the other, a $5.00 discount code to be used toward a future UPS charge.

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RushCard Proposes a Settlement

Which card to use?

Hip Hop star, Russell Simmons founded RushCard in 2003 to offer an alternative to high-fee prepaid cards to consumers. Last fall there were thousands of customers who were unable to use their money on the cards due to technical issues when RushCard converted its systems to a different processor. The problems caused an uproar on social media since they were not able to get any answers from the company. This prompted lawmakers and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to jump in.

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Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $127 Million

Powder problem

Arguably one of the largest consumer health companies out there, Johnson & Johnson has recently been faced with major lawsuits relating to some of their popular products. Women have stepped forward alleging that the ingredient talc found in some of J&J’s powders was a probable cause of their ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay up a total of $127 million dollars. The company has since filed to appeal the two recent verdicts.

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