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Woman Fired for Removing Tracking App on Company Phone

Access denied.

A former sales executive was fired when she uninstalled on application on her company phone that kept track of her GPS location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Myrna Arias, a former sales executive for money transfer service Intermex, claims that her boss, John Stubits, fired her shortly after she uninstalled the job-management Xora application that she and her colleagues were required to use. It was her job to travel across Central California, visiting bodegas  (mini marts) and Hispanic business owners to convince them to install Intermex machines.  After two months on the job, Intermex forced Arias and other employees to download the Xora app onto their company phones. Arias says it relied on the app to keep track of employees travel. The company also told them they needed to keep their phones on all day, every day.

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Abercrombie is Not Dressed for Success

Not dressed for the job

Applying for a job and competing with an ever increasing pool of candidates is an arduous task, let alone the consideration of all of the other subject matter that could potentially factor in.  We all know that personal and professional connections help a great deal when searching for a job, but what about the instances where you are a complete stranger to someone and have to convince them that you are the right fit?  Getting past the paper resume stage is hard enough, but then comes the face to face meetings and interviews.  An individual has to prove that they are compatible with the company culture, create a good personal connection with the person interviewing them, and then just hope that they did enough to stand out against all the other applicants while not doing anything to jeopardize their prospective status.  What happens when you do everything right and still get an undesirable result?  Such seems to be the case for Samantha Elauf, who claims she got denied from a job at Abercrombie & Fitch for wearing a religious black headscarf (Hijab) as an exhibition of her Muslim Religion.

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Chipotle Employees Sue Company for Withholding Wages

No free burritos!

Chipotle Mexican Grill has long been known for delicious burritos and fresh ingredients. But as of late, the Colorado-based restaurant chain has come under fire for the way they treat their employees. Hundreds of Chipotle employees from across the country have recently filed lawsuits against the fast-food giant for allegedly cheating them out of wages. The employees claim that they were forced to work off the clock and that the company misclassified them to avoid paying overtime. The unfair wage cuts were part of an attempt to cut labor costs and increase profits.

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Western Foreigners Charged with Public Indecency in Malaysia

Travel trouble

In what was originally thought to be a harmless prank while traveling abroad, four Westerners have been accused of causing an earthquake in Malaysia last week. The claim comes from Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Pairin Kitingan. Mr. Kitingan hails from a near by community that holds the damaged mountain in particularly high esteem. The locals view the mountain as a final resting place for the dead. The lascivious actions of the foreigners were regarded as extremely disrespectful. The earthquake, with a magnitude of 5.9 claimed the life of 18 climbers. It has also damaged a beloved near by rock formation known as “Donkey’s Ears.”

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GM Settles Fatal Ignition-Switch Defect Case

GM drives into oncoming traffic

General motors settled a second lawsuit over a faulty ignition switch that lead to the death of 29 year old Brooke Melton in 2010. Melton’s death was the start of a major GM recall. The lawsuit was filed by her parents, who say GM knew about the ignition problems but covered up the evidence. General Motors has reportedly admitted that it was aware of ignition problems since 2001.

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