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Neighbors Caught in a Naughty Lawsuit.


At some point or another we have all experienced a loud or disruptive neighbor. Whether this neighbor be your college hall mate or the house next door, you never really want to be the bad guy and tell someone to quiet down a celebration. What if the celebration consistently continued for multiple days or weeks, would you get suspicious or wonder what was going on? When does it become too much? In a quiet gated Texas community a house is causing quite a ruckus. Neighbors state the single family home has been doubling as a swingers club on the weekends and they have had enough to where they filed suit.

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Snakes in a House

Slithering settlement

Jody Brooks sat on the basement floor unpacking her family’s belongings into their new home. She heard rustling overhead and recognized it as the familiar sound of her children playing upstairs. She was, however, horrified to discover that it was actually a snake’s belly slithering through the ceiling above her. Jody and her husband, Jeff Brooks, had just purchased this home in Annapolis, MD for $410,000. They had moved in with their two children.