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A Nutty Lawsuit

A tasty legal battle

Over the past few years we have seen plenty of health trends appear. One of the major fads is the boom in consumption of almond milk. In the last two to three years, top manufacturers have been posting roughly 50 percent gains. Consumers of almond milk are aware that the liquid probably contains some water, but how much of your almond milk is actually made from almonds?Based off of a class action lawsuit vs Blue Diamond Growers, allegedly their almond milk contains just 2% almonds. Read More

Neighbors Caught in a Naughty Lawsuit.


At some point or another we have all experienced a loud or disruptive neighbor. Whether this neighbor be your college hall mate or the house next door, you never really want to be the bad guy and tell someone to quiet down a celebration. What if the celebration consistently continued for multiple days or weeks, would you get suspicious or wonder what was going on? When does it become too much? In a quiet gated Texas community a house is causing quite a ruckus. Neighbors state the single family home has been doubling as a swingers club on the weekends and they have had enough to where they filed suit.

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Collector’s Mistake Leads to Huge Settlement

Erasing debt

Plenty of people in debt receive, what may seem like harassing calls, on a daily basis from aggressive debt collectors.  When do these calls cross the line? What if you were receiving these calls and you knew you were not in debt? What if the collection company took it a step further by filing suit? This is what happened to a Maria Guadalupe Mejia, a woman from Missouri, who was mistakenly sued by PortfolioRecovery Associates LLC. Mejia was sued for a credit card debt of $1,000, which in turn belonged to a man with a similar sounding name. A jury decided that Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC ‘maliciously prosecuted’ Mejia to collect a debt that was not her own and awarded her $83 million. Read More

Uber Crashes into Discrimination Lawsuit

Driving to court

The popular car service, Uber, is being driven to court after they were hit with a discrimination lawsuit. Uber Technologies Inc is being accused of discriminating against blind people by refusing to transport guide dogs, a federal judge ruled. The case is brought against Uber by the National Federation of the Blind of California. This is not the first time that the company has faced complaints on how it pays drivers, treats passengers and ensures safety. Uber has an estimated worth of $40 billion and has its mobile ride-sharing service in more than 270 cities and geographic areas in 56 countries. Read More

Could Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Be Going Extinct?

BBQ joint in hot water

A New York-based BBQ restaurant chain has had a lawsuit filed against them claiming that unfair wages are being paid to specific employees. The suit against the popular Dinosaur Bar-B-Que restaurant was filed as a class action lawsuit in Federal Court in New York City by Fitapelli & Schaffer law firm. Fitapelli & Schaffer law firm is representing all servers, bussers, runners, bartenders, and other “Tipped Workers.” These are employees who are currently work or have worked at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que restaurants in their multiple New York Locations.  With eight restaurants in the Tristate area and other locations expected to open relatively soon, Dinosaur is a growing business. John Stage founded Dinosaur in 1988 along with some biker friends and then sold Dinosaur to a company that is controlled by billionaire financier George Soros in 2008.

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