Collateral Damage: Man Sues Bank After Collapse

Lock it up

Ever forget to make a payment or remember you owe money on a bill and have a panic attack? Something similar happened to 61 year-old John Stecher on his last visit to the bank, and as a result, the man collapsed from a heart attack. After receiving calls about a missed mortgage payment, Mr. Stecher walked into the Bank of America in Chartlotte, NC in attempts to get the situation straightened out. The bank stood by the assumption that they did not receive his payment, to which John became stressed out and experienced a heart attack. The man is now suing for $10,000, according to his lawyer Paul Goodson.

Bizarrely enough, the payment had actually been made and the branch had made an error. Leading up to Stecher’s episode in the bank, they had reportedly left him messages at home and mailed him noticed that his credit would negatively impacted. They even went as far as to claim his house was in “jeopardy of foreclosure”. Stecher claims that it is not about the money for him, but rather the message to the bank. Bank of America was not able to be reached for comment.

Most of us have heart palpitations when looking at credit card statements. You have to feel bad for John Stecher in this situation. For an older man with good credit who pays his debts responsibly to be threatened with false claims due to an error is a pretty shocking ordeal. The seemingly random number of $10,000 is questionable, but the intentions of Mr. Stecher are not the issue here. Here’s hoping for less stress and good health for all with the holidays coming up. Maybe we should all stay away from the banks.