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Red Bull Doesn’t Give You Wings?

Fly away

Energy drinks are experiencing a lot of backlash for the negative side effects consumers are falling subject to.  The biggest crusade lawmakers are embarking on, is reducing the amount of caffeine these drinks have in them.  Some reports claim that energy drinks related emergency room visits have doubled from 10,068 in 2007 to 20,783 in 2011.  The biggest cause being caffeine overload.  Many of these energy drinks can contain up to 3X as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.  According to K. Stephen Whiting Ph.D. of Phoenix Nutritionals, “high levels of caffeine targets the central nervous system and can lead to dehydration and loss of water-soluble nutrients.  These effects cause agitation, sleep disturbance, and possibly long-term anxiety issues”. The main energy drink companies being targeted for more information about their ingredients are Monster, Red Bull and PepsiCo.

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Whole Foods Treats Autistic Man Like Dog

Wrong at any age

Whole Foods is a market that prides themselves on their environmental and social awareness.  However, one of their employees didn’t get the memo about the “social” awareness.  Emily Goldman and her autistic brother Michael were the victims of extreme insensitivity while shopping at a Whole Foods Market in Milwaukee, WI.  Michael (who has difficulty communicating) swiped some food while the two were shopping.  The security guard on duty saw Michael stealing food and confronted the two shoppers.  When Emily realized what had transpired she immediately apologized, explained her brother’s condition, and offered to pay for the food Michael had taken.  But the security guard responded with a hateful comment.  The security guard exclaimed that Emily and Michael were to leave the store immediately and that they were not allowed to return unless Michael was “on a leash”.  This mentality doesn’t seem very consistent with Whole Food’s core value of “delighting customers”.

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Food Waste Costs Americans $165 Billion Annually

Your eyes are too big for your stomach!

The United States seems to have a severe issue wasting food.  Studies show that Americans waste approximately $165 Billion in food each year.  That comes out to about $2,200 wasted per household.  That quantity comes out to about 33 million tons of food or 66,000,000,000 lbs (that’s a lot of zeros).  Americans have apparently subconsciously adopted the, “If I can’t have it nobody can,” mentality.

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Pizza Hut Delivery Man Fights Back!

Not your average delivery

It comes as no surprise that delivering pizza can be a dangerous job.  A college kid walking around an unfamiliar neighborhood in the middle of the night with a pocket full of cash and a hot pizza in his hand can be a tantalizing target.  Sam Swicegood, a former Pizza Hut delivery man knew just how dangerous his job could potentially be.  Sam was attacked one night by five teenagers while trying to deliver a pizza.  But after being sucker-punched, the prepared delivery man whipped out a tent pole from his sleeve and frantically swung at his attackers defending both himself and the pizza.  His act of self-defense proved effective when the teenagers fled from the pipe wielding delivery man.

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Apple on Macbook by Flickr user markhillary, licensed by Creative Commons

The Most Enhanced Apple Product Yet!

Not a real apple!

Are Americans ready for their first genetically engineered fruit?  The Arctic Apple, developed by Okanagan Specialty Fruits is getting ready to hit supermarket shelves in 2014.  Okanagan Specialty Fruits, is a biotech company that focuses on “enhancing” fruit by making them more resilient to ailments such as bruising and browning.  Okanagan has created “enhanced” versions of the ever popular Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples (Arctic Apples) that will be less susceptible to the harmless enzyme that is responsible for the browning effect apples experience after being cut.  This is a decade long endeavor that has finally reached the last leg of its expensive and exhausting process.  My solution to the problem… don’t cut your apples, bite them!

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