Class Action Announced Against Power Solutions International

s400-k-noOn October 9, 2016, the law firm, Pomerantz, LLP announced that they are filing a class action lawsuit against Power Solutions International, Inc. (PSI) and certain offices of the company.  The lawsuit that has been filed is on behalf of all persons and entities that purchased PSI securities between the dates of May 8, 2015 through August 15, 2016.  There is a deadline of October 21, 2016 to enter into this lawsuit.

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Apple Still Mum Over iPhone 6 Touch Disease and Exploding Units

commons.wikimedia.orgWith the recent release of the iPhone 7, people are questioning if this is a calculated decision to keep silent over issues with the iPhone 6. The issues are what is called touch disease and units that actually catching fire.

Back in September it was first reported that iPhone 6 users are experiencing this so called touch disease. The “disease” occurs when the user observes a reduction in responsiveness or the complete malfunction of the touchscreen.  Since this has been something so widespread that a class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple and of the present time, there are three law firms involved.  The hope is that Apple will remedy this issue.

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Class-Action Lawsuits Filed Over Yahoo’s Data Breach

indexIn late 2014, information from at least 500 million Yahoo accounts was stolen, making it one of the largest data breaches in history. Names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth and encrypted security questions and answers may have been breached.

According to Mercury News, it takes an average of 191 days to identify a data breach and 58 days to contain it. However it took Yahoo nearly two years to identify the breach. Yahoo announced the data breach on Thursday, but it is rumored the company knew about the breach as early as August.

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Lawsuits Spread Like Wildfire

science.howstuffworks.comTwo lawsuits were filed recently concerning Oregon wildfires that could have been prevented. Disregarding a ban, a family of three built a campfire in extremely dry conditions. While one of the campers slept, the campfire grew into a 200-acre inferno. The state spent $892,000 to extinguish the forest fire, which the family will be held responsible to pay. One of the campers claimed that this fire was an “’unfortunate act of nature.’” The state of Oregon disagreed with his statement.

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Class Action Against MasterCard UK

en.wikipedia.orgMasterCard is facing a lawsuit for 14 billion pounds ($19 billion) from up to 46 million people throughout Britain for charging excessive fees between 1992 and 2008. The case was brought up by Walter Merricks, former chief financial services ombudsman and advised that MasterCard charged unlawfully high fees to stores when shoppers utilized their debit or credit cards, these fees were then passed on to the consumers. “MasterCard has behaved disgracefully in this. They have not had the reasonableness to accept that what this was doing was damaging UK consumers.”

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