NVIDIA to Settle False Advertising Class Action Lawsuits

index. flickt.comOver the past few months, NVIDIA, the computer graphics card company, has successfully launched several graphic cards including GeForce GTX 1080, GTX 1070 and GTX 1060.  They are due to be releasing the “powerful” TITAN X, which is supposed to be the most advanced graphics card produced by the company.

However, there is a shadow being cast upon NVIDIA, and it stems from one of their most popular graphics card, GeFORCE GTX 970.  The product was very popular and offered excellent performance per dollar, but mistakes were made with the published specifications and its segmented memory configuration.  When the GTX 970 was launched, NVIDIA said it had 4 GB of memory and 64 ROPs (Render Output Processors).   However, the realty was that only 3.5 GB of the memory operated at full speed, while the remaining 512 MB offered only a fraction of the bandwidth.

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Microsoft Slapped with Lawsuit Over Upgrade Practices

windows, commons.wikimedia.orgAs you may be aware, Microsoft has been offering users of Microsoft windows products the opportunity to upgrade to Microsoft 10 free. This offer will end on July 29th. However, despite this perceived goodwill, there may be issues in how the product has been offered.

On Friday, July 22nd, three Florida men filed a class action suit against Microsoft alleging that the upgrade notifications and offers constitute unsolicited electronic advertisements, as well as violating the law on deceptive and unfair business practices. At the same time, Microsoft was sued in Israel on the allegation that Microsoft Installed Windows 10 on users’ computers without their consent.

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Onocologist Settles For Unnecessary Treatments

Stethoscope-2An $8 million settlement will be divided in September or October of this year for the 43 patients-turned-victims who are suing Michigan oncologist Farid Fata for fraud and money laundering charges.

July 20, 2016 Farid Fata faced a sizable amount of lawsuits in Oakland County Michigan, where attorneys for the 43 patients entered a settlement deal approved by Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Hala Jarbou.

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Caterpillar Agrees to Settle a Class Action Lawsuit

Cat_D11_View_2.jpgOn Friday, July 1st, Caterpillar, a well-known maker of heavy duty equipment has just reached a tentative settlement to resolve a class action lawsuit involving their engines with an exhaust emission control system, otherwise known as the Cat Regeneration System.

The reason for the initial lawsuit was that Caterpillar customers claimed that the systems caused highway diesel engines to lose horsepower and shut down.   Subsequently, the trucks then were towed to a Caterpillar – authorized repair facilities for repairs. However, here was the catch, most of the repairs involved computer codes and special software that only qualified technicians could handle. Unfortunately, for many consumers, the repairs were done by technicians who could not effectively do such repairs.

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Youth Soccer Associations File Class Action Suit To Collect Fees From Pros

images (Pixbay.com)On Friday, July 1st, a class action lawsuit was filed in a Texas Federal Court by three youth soccer clubs (Dallas Texans, Crossfire Premiere of Redmond, Washington and Sockers of Chicago). The lawsuit was filed against the MLS Players Union and world renowned soccer starts, DeAndre Yedlin, Michael Bradley, and Clint Dempsey. The reason for the lawsuit is that this is an attempt to recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and solidarity fees.

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