Change Their Tune

Singer’s settlement

Among her various roles as a singer, songwriter, and television personality, Kelly Clarkson has also recently emerged in the headlines due to her rapid weight loss transformation.  With a healthier approach to life, Clarkson has worked toward trimming additional layers of concern, such as an ongoing lawsuit with her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock.  The two parties were scheduled to attend a bench trial on August 27, however, following their settlement, they have asked the court to dismiss all pending cases.  The dispute between the former couple originated with Blackstock’s claim that he was owed unpaid commission as Clarkson’s manager.

According to the allegations, which were filed in September 2020, Blackstock’s company, Starstruck Management Group, was owed a total of $1.4 million for managing Clarkson’s career from 2017 to 2020.  Clarkson countersued the opposing parties, citing violations of the Talent Agencies Act.  In November 2023, a judge ruled in Clarkson’s favor, finding that on four separate instances, the management group and Blackstock failed to gain employment for Clarkson in “conjunction with a licensed agent.”  The absence of the licensed agent constituted compensation to Clarkson in the amount of $2.6 million.  Despite this ruling, Clarkson filed another claim in March 2024, alleging that the amount should be higher due to Blackstock’s egregious dealings as her manager.

In the filing, Clarkson not only addresses the probability of violations as far back as 2007, when she initially entered a verbal agreement with the management group, but also claims that Blackstock illegally obtained commission fees for contracts involving Clarkson’s participation in the Billboard Music Awards, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Norwegian Cruise Line, The Voice, and Wayfair.  Although the details are not disclosed to the public, toward the end of May, both parties seemingly reached a settlement.  While Clarkson asked the Superior Court of Los Angeles for a dismissal on May 21, Blackstock requested a dismissal the following day on May 22.