Time to Heal

United community

Two years after an active shooter slayed 21 individuals at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, the families of the deceased students and the city reached a legal settlement.  The $2 million amount was calculated based on insurance coverage for the city, as the families did not wish to completely deplete the city’s assets.  Pursuing further compensation from Uvalde would subsequently drive the city to bankruptcy.  The agreed upon compensation, however, seemed relatively fair to the majority and would also allow the community to heal without financial ruin.

May 24th marked the two-year anniversary of the school shooting.  Within the settlement, the city agreed to establish this date as a day of remembrance for the community.  In addition, the city has promised to offer mental health services for those impacted by the tragedy, as well as aid in the coordination of a committee with family members to develop a memorial.  One of the most important elements of the legal resolution is for the city to provide elevated training for police officers that better aligns with US Justice Department standards.  On that tragic day, video surveillance footage shows the responding police officers’ lack of urgency in stopping the teenaged assailant.  For over an hour, officers stood in the hallways of the elementary school and failed to immediately treat the situation as an active shooting. 

While the lawsuit with the city of Uvalde is over, the families are reportedly initiating new lawsuits against 92 Texas Department of Public Safety officers and Uvalde’s school district.  Two individuals connected to the school are also being sued, including the elementary school principal and the school district’s police chief, who was fired months after the incident.  These individuals faced harsh scrutiny over the level of proper security at the school, as the shooter entered an unlocked door.  As the lawsuits continue, the families may also attempt to eventually reach a resolution and heal.