Wining Amid Divorce

Sour grapes

Eight years after filing for divorce from Oscar-winning actor, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie finds herself in a continued legal battle over her ownership stake in the French winery, Château Miraval.  According to Pitt’s initial February 2022 filing, Jolie unlawfully sold her shares of the winery to an independent group, as the former pair’s controlling ownership of the property was obtained together in 2008.  As per their alleged understanding, Pitt was required to offer consent to any sale that Jolie may procure, and vice versa.  However, Jolie’s allegedly secret sale of her shares failed to meet the standards of this agreement.

Jolie argues that she never entered into such a contract with Pitt and contends that she was formerly willing to enter into a sale of shares with Pitt directly.  However, Jolie has accused Pitt of backing out of that sale with her as a punishment, after learning that Jolie produced unsavory evidence in their ongoing custody battle.  Although Jolie’s documents, entitled “Testimony Regarding Domestic Violence,” were produced under seal, Pitt was reportedly infuriated with the evidence presented, including emails and family testimony.  As a result, Pitt attempted to force Jolie to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that would prevent the contents of the evidence from reaching the public eye.

Jolie’s allegations of abuse against Pitt have fueled the ongoing dispute over the ownership of Château Miraval.  Had the initial sale between Pitt and Jolie gone through, perhaps the lawsuit would not have been filed.  Jolie countersued and has recently requested articles of communication from Pitt that support Jolie’s decision to move forward with the sale.  Although Jolie’s arguably illegal transfer of her shares was completed in 2021, Pitt intends to seek a jury trial to force Jolie to rescind the transaction.  Now the courts are left to decide whether the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor will achieve his fairytale ending.