Rock Bottom: Wrestlers File Concussion Lawsuit

WWE Wrestlemania 28 - Big Show vs Cody Rhodes, by flickr user Simon Q, licensed via Creative Commons.

Two Words for Ya: I’m Suing

A handful of professional wrestlers have teamed up to take down their competition; except this time, the battle is in the courtroom and not the squared circle. We all know professional wrestling is scripted, but the injuries and physicality involved is very real. Ryan Sakoda, Luther Reigns, and Big Russ McCullough have filed a lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), seeking damages related to injuries sustained in the ring, harsh working conditions and lack of physical care. The wrestlers are claiming that WWE management, under the orders of CEO Vince McMahon, forced wrestlers to put themselves in unsafe environments, partake in dangerous activities, and perform through injuries. Claims go as far to say that some wrestlers were punished, removed from TV/storylines, or publicly embarrassed for attempting to prioritize their own health. Read More

Victims of Predatory Lending Keep Their Homes

Joseph Wilkerson House, Boydton 1--Spring 2010


The housing crisis in 2009 affected countless people in this country. After the housing bubble burst, many Americans were simply unable to make their Mortgage Payments. Instead of vacating their houses, in many cases people simply stopped making payments. Tens of thousands of homeowners who have missed more than five years of payments are still living in their homes. In states like Florida, New Jersey and New York, many are wondering if they will be able to keep them, or if their properties will be turned over to the state.

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Above the Legal Limit Arsenic Levels Found in California Wines

Still Life: Red Wine

Hold the arsenic please.

A recent Law Suit was filed against over 2 dozen California winemakers, after the wine from Trader Joe’s tested positive for higher levels of arsenic. This class action lawsuit has become media rich after the wine contained arsenic with levels five times over the EPA’s limit for drinking water.  The wines that were included are Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw White Zinfandel, and Franzia White Grenache. There were over 1,300 bottles that were tested and just over one fourth of the bottles contained higher than normal levels of arsenic.

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WEN Products Causing Hair Loss

Behind the Scenes with Aveda


WEN hair products maker Guthy-Renker LLC has recently gone under fire as they are facing a class-action law suit. The law suit was initially filed in the state of California on July 31, 2014. The issue at hand is that its products are allegedly defective, causing hair loss that prolongs even when consumers terminate use of the products. Guthy-Renker is being charged with the following: “Breach of warranty, violating California’s unfair competition law, violating the California false advertising law, violating Florida’s Unfair and Deceptive trade Practices Act, negligence, failure to warn, failure to test, and strict products liability.”
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Could Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Be Going Extinct?

T-Rex Dinosaur


A New York-based BBQ restaurant chain has had a lawsuit filed against them claiming that unfair wages are being paid to specific employees. The suit against the popular Dinosaur Bar-B-Que restaurant was filed as a class action lawsuit in Federal Court in New York City by Fitapelli & Schaffer law firm. Fitapelli & Schaffer law firm is representing all servers, bussers, runners, bartenders, and other “Tipped Workers.” These are employees who are currently work or have worked at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que restaurants in their multiple New York Locations.  With eight restaurants in the Tristate area and other locations expected to open relatively soon, Dinosaur is a growing business. John Stage founded Dinosaur in 1988 along with some biker friends and then sold Dinosaur to a company that is controlled by billionaire financier George Soros in 2008.

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