Uber Crashes into Discrimination Lawsuit


-Driving To Court!

The popular car service, Uber, is being driven to court after they were hit with a discrimination lawsuit. Uber Technologies Inc is being accused of discriminating against blind people by refusing to transport guide dogs, a federal judge ruled. The case is brought against Uber by the National Federation of the Blind of California. This is not the first time that the company has faced complaints on how it pays drivers, treats passengers and ensures safety. Uber has an estimated worth of $40 billion and has its mobile ride-sharing service in more than 270 cities and geographic areas in 56 countries. Read More

Takeda Pharmaceutical to Pay Up Big Time


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Japan’s largest pharmaceutical drug maker will be paying a hefty lawsuit, ranging anywhere from 2.4 -2.7 billion dollars.  Takeda Pharmaceutical’s drug “Actos” has apparently contributed to the development of bladder cancer in many US. patients.  The plaintiffs in this case have alleged that Takeda Pharmaceutical did not properly warn individuals of the associated risks of taking this drug.  Takeda’s stance on the issue is that they are standing behind their product because they beleive that the benefits outweigh the risks.  This is a tough “pill to swallow” , because it posits that they are okay with loss of life or the potential for furthering a very dangerous disease, as long as it helps more people than it hurts.

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Claim on the Caribbean

Pirate Flag


In a shocking lawsuit, an author claimed that Disney stole his idea in their film, Pirates of the Caribbean. In the film, the pirates transform into living skeletons under moonlight. This author failed at attempting to make billions when a federal judge ruled in Disney’s favor. Royce Matthew, the plaintiff in this suit, has failed several times in lawsuits regarding the wildly successful Pirates of the Caribbean films. His first lawsuit attempt dates back to 2005, promptly followed by a second attempt in 2006. The 2006 lawsuit was quelled when Disney revealed old “theme park art” that dated far beyond Royce Matthew’s claims. This art proved that Disney independently put forth the idea of “unique supernatural elements”. After this event, Matthew signed a release form.

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Victims of Predatory Lending Keep Their Homes

Joseph Wilkerson House, Boydton 1--Spring 2010


The housing crisis in 2009 affected countless people in this country. After the housing bubble burst, many Americans were simply unable to make their Mortgage Payments. Instead of vacating their houses, in many cases people simply stopped making payments. Tens of thousands of homeowners who have missed more than five years of payments are still living in their homes. In states like Florida, New Jersey and New York, many are wondering if they will be able to keep them, or if their properties will be turned over to the state.

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Above the Legal Limit Arsenic Levels Found in California Wines

Still Life: Red Wine

Hold the arsenic please.

A recent Law Suit was filed against over 2 dozen California winemakers, after the wine from Trader Joe’s tested positive for higher levels of arsenic. This class action lawsuit has become media rich after the wine contained arsenic with levels five times over the EPA’s limit for drinking water.  The wines that were included are Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw White Zinfandel, and Franzia White Grenache. There were over 1,300 bottles that were tested and just over one fourth of the bottles contained higher than normal levels of arsenic.

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