Brady vs. NFL Lawsuit Full of Hot Air

Football field, by flickir user nightthree, licensed by Creative Commons.

Ball so hard

The saga of deflated footballs and a certain A-list quarterback have not left headlines since the winter of 2014. Now, months later, we are all following the twists and turns of the story, including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s attempt to keep Tom Brady off the field in September. This seemed to be the final straw for Brady and Patriots Owner Robert Kraft to fire back at Goodell and the NFL, opting for a New York courtroom over the sunny, green fields of Foxborough, MA. There are several undertones here, including the NFL Players Association’s potential second thoughts about granting Goodell his current power, plus the Commissioner’s personal relationship with Kraft. How did letting air out of a football lead to a corporate showdown and legal dispute, centered around a high profile athlete? Read more

Robin Thicke Speaks Out on Lawsuit After Laying Low


Please don’t stop the music

Over the past few months, copyright infringement has been at the forefront of a group if individuals minds involved in multiple Lawsuits pertaining to pop artists Robin Thicke and Pharell Williams. After releasing a single, the pop icons experienced a large amount of media backlash. Fans were concerned that the message behind the music video demonstrated a lack of respect toward woman, objectifying them in a suggestive manner.

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Youth Leagues Biting Off More Than They Can Chew

2015 NYC Pandas 16U Volleyball Club

Youth Leagues Get Spiked

Audrey Dimitrew, a 16 year old club volleyball player, and her family have decided to press charges on the Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association (CHRVA) after the league would not permit her to switch teams, denying her request for release from the team after she was receiving insufficient playing time.  This youth sports dispute is one of many in recent months, believing that the judicial system has the ability to intervene on matters of playing time and league guidelines.  The lawsuit was filed in March after the refusal to release Dimitrew, for the league believed it would be setting a “bad precedent” if the only prerequisite for discharge from the league was to be unsatisfied with playing time on the court.  Instead, the league handbook denotes valid reasoning for dismissal lays in a player undergoing a “verifiable hardship,” something the league believes Dimitrew did not face.  This lawsuit brings into question the inevitable disputes between parents, players, and coaches, and if such disagreements are cause for litigation.

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A Nutty Lawsuit


A Tasty Legal Battle

Over the past few years we have seen plenty of health trends appear. One of the major fads is the boom in consumption of almond milk. In the last two to three years, top manufacturers have been posting roughly 50 percent gains. Consumers of almond milk are aware that the liquid probably contains some water, but how much of your almond milk is actually made from almonds?Based off of a class action lawsuit vs Blue Diamond Growers, allegedly their almond milk contains just 2% almonds. Read More

Airbag Malfunction Sparks Lawsuit

still here.

Airbag may cause injury.

Millions of cars are produced and sold each year. A Japanese company, the Takata Corporation, manufactures airbags for at least eleven automakers for nearly fifteen years. Currently, they are facing lawsuits due to faulty airbags. Takata Corporation’s airbags have been reported to rupture and spray bits of metal at the driver and front seat passengers. This issue first surfaced in 2004, but Takata did not issue a recall until 2008. Takata bowed to government pressure and declared many of its products defective, agreeing to double the number of air bag inflators being recalled to 33.8 million, making it the largest auto recall in U.S. history.

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