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Driving for Change

Enhanced driver benefits

A recent settlement between the state of Massachusetts and two leading transportation platforms, Uber and Lyft, promises a wage increase and enhanced benefits to its drivers.  In addition, the settlement halts the attempt of the two companies to propose an intended 2024 ballot question that would support the classification of drivers as independent contractors, with limited benefits and without the guarantee of minimum wage.  The initiative to essentially change employment laws in the state of Massachusetts was initially countered by the state with its own ballot question that would allow drivers the opportunity to unionize.

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Figuring out a Virginia Statue Dispute

Erasing history?

In February 2017, the Charlottesville, VA City Council voted in favor of removing the statues of General Robert E. Lee and General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson from public parks in the city.  Prevalent characters in any American history book, these two men served as leaders of the Confederate military.  For their integral roles in the Civil War, they were honored with statues, erected in Charlottesville public parks in the early 1920’s.  Due to the sensitive nature of what these statues may represent, the Council agreed to have them taken down.  Supporters of preserving the historical significance of the statues, however, disagreed with the Council’s decision, and filed a lawsuit against the city in March 2017. Continue reading

Joe Biden to Respond to Newton School Shooting and Gun Control

Let there be peace

Vice President Joe Biden is supposed to speak in response to the Newton, Connecticut shooting of 20 children and six teachers.  In Obama’s speech during the services for the children and teachers he said that he wanted to, “use whatever this power holds,” in order to keep this incident from happening again.  Today Biden will address not only gun control but also that of mental health illnesses.

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