Whistleblower Finds Profit in Medicare Fraud

Blowing the whistle on fraud

The degree of medical treatment a patient undergoes may determine the amount of Medicare reimbursement a medical facility will receive.  Families may feel skeptical toward extensive healing of their loved ones; sometimes with good reason. While some treatments are overcompensated to help ensure a full recovery, others are simply unnecessary. Read more

Hospital Whistleblower Files Organ Donation Lawsuit

"Controversial Title?" by Flickr user sebilden Licensed under Creative Commons

Are you an organ donor?  If so, you may want to pay attention.  A lawsuit was recently filed against the New York Organ Donor network.  Whistleblower Patrick McMahon alleged that the Donor Network harvested organs prematurely.  Inside the lawsuit, McMahon explains how he witnessed a case where a patient was classified as brain dead, about to have their organs harvested, and then needed tranquilizer medication because they were not immobile.  Doctors are pressured to declare patients brain-dead when there still may have been a means to save the patient.  At the same time, families of patients were pressured give consent to the donor network if the patient was not already a donor.

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Snitches Get Riches

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom


Remember the landmark $25 billion federal foreclosure settlement from February?  The one which has provisions to help prevent foreclosure on homeowners, provisions most states are ignoring?  Which doesn’t yet seem to be doing much for foreclosure victims at all?  Well, at least one person has benefited from the settlement: the whistleblower who drew the curtains back on the wizards at Countrywide Financial to kick off the case in the first place.  Kyle Lagow, who was fired for pointing out illegalities in Countrywide’s foreclosure appraisal business, first brought the situation to the government’s attention with a lawsuit in 2008.  That particular lawsuit, which rolled into one huge suit with a bunch of similar ones, was eventually settled for $1 billion.  Whistleblower laws entitle a citizen who first brings up a case and turns over evidence to a certain percentage of the money eventually won in that case.  In Lagow’s case, that amount is $14.5 million.  Not bad for a lowly house appraiser.

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