Whistleblower Stands Up to AC

Falsifying documents?

In the bootlegging era of the 1920’s, Atlantic City was known for its booming success and questionable corruption.  While AC has experienced an unfortunate decline since the pandemic, the tendencies to engage in unethical activities seem to have withstood the test of time. A former Ocean Casino Resort executive has filed a lawsuit, claiming she was terminated from her position in retaliation for acting as a whistleblower.  She had questioned the submission of paperwork to the New Jersey gaming division, defining it as falsified.  In response to her concern, the director of the state agency suggested that the executive be removed from her position.

In addition to the lack of support provided to the former executive for her role as a whistleblower, she was also told that her delivery of her complaint was too harsh.  Based on that feedback, she is alleging discrimination.  The arguably falsified documents that were sent to the NJ gaming division include the temporary versus permanent position of the surveillance director.  There is an apparent dispute over whether or not the surveillance director, who was hired in January 2019, was hired for temporary or permanent employment.  State regulation dictates that if a casino hires a temporary surveillance director, the position must transition into a permanent role within four months.

Contrary to what regulation requires, the surveillance director was demoted from his position six months after hiring and was replaced by a new director.  There were recorded performance issues, which led to his demotion.  At the audit committee meeting, it was recommended that the former director be listed as a temporary appointment.  They were encouraged to not mention the events of his hiring or demotion in the meeting minutes.  Liability was at stake if stated otherwise.  The executive who has filed the lawsuit claims she asked for the minutes to be adjusted to reflect accuracy.  Her refusal to support unethical business practices led to her termination.