Tackling a New Lawsuit

Football fumble

Following a sideline injury sustained in Game 6 of the regular season, Denver Broncos linebacker, Aaron Patrick, has filed a lawsuit. In the argument, Patrick alleges that the decision to cover media wires on the sideline with a cheap mat created a dangerous situation for players and was the primary cause of his injury. While a majority of NFL injuries take place on the field, Patrick tore his ACL after trying to avoid the media. His cleat became lodged in a carpet that has been compared to mats used in restaurant kitchens.

Among other agencies, the Broncos player is suing the NFL, the Los Angeles Rams, the Los Angeles Chargers, SoFi Stadium, and ESPN. Given the $5 billion expense to construct SoFi Stadium, Patrick’s legal team argues that higher quality measures should have been taken to ensure the safety of all players. From the video footage of the collision between Patrick and the media personnel, it is evident that the impact was an accident, but intensified by the presence of the mat. Directly following the incident, Patrick grabbed his knee. Reportedly, this injury has forced Patrick to hang up his cleats for the season. This was his second season as a Denver Bronco.

It did not help that, as the visiting team, the Broncos lost the game during overtime. While the LA Rams and LA Chargers share SoFi Stadium, the Chargers were the home team on the night of the injury. Patrick’s torn ACL is not the only injury the Broncos have suffered this season, as a number of the team’s players have landed on the injured list in recent months. In this particular incident, the plaintiff is claiming negligence in the lawsuit, which is seeking damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, and emotional distress. The specific amount of compensation sought has not yet been disclosed to the public.