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Pajama problem

Parents and caregivers of little babies are tasked with choosing the precise food and developmental tools necessary to garner the greatest opportunity or likelihood for growth, safety, and happiness. While the brand of pureed sweet potatoes and the manufacturer reliability of baby swings are important considerations, it may be assumed that the clothing available for mass-market purchase is safe and comfortable for children. However, a November 17 recall of a specific yellow fleece footed pajama, manufactured by Carter’s, is proof that the quality of clothing chosen for little babies is as equally critical.

Although no injuries have been reported to date, Carter’s issued the voluntary recall of their product due to the discovery of small metal wire pieces in the pajamas. The exact name of the recalled item is “Infant’s Yellow Footed Fleece Pajamas with Animal Graphic,” and poses a potential hazard of puncture and laceration to the children that are wearing it. Approximately 50,000 units have been sold in the US, as well as 200 in Canada. The sizes that were produced for consumer purchase include 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months. Visible on the care tag, consumers are encouraged to look for the style number 10102410 and one of three UPC numbers, 195861313861, 195861313878, and 195861313885.

If parents or caregivers have this product in their possession, consistent with the item description, style number, and one of the three listed UPC numbers, they are instructed by Carter’s and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission to refrain from dressing their child in the pajamas. To receive a gift card refund, they may return the product to a Carter’s store location or contact Carter’s to initiate a mail-in return in exchange for an electric gift card. Carter’s issued a similar clothing recall in 2013, which involved a zipper pull detachment issue on eight different styles of footed infant clothing.