Apple Reaches $375 Million Preliminary Settlement in iPhone 4 Antenna Dispute

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Smart phones that likely have no antenna issues

Smart phones that likely have no antenna issues.

A 25 million-strong class action lawsuit against Apple has come to a close, with the tech giant now obliged to give the complainants their choice of a $15 reimbursement or a special cover for their iPhones.  Should all members of the class action suit choose the money, the total amount paid by Apple could be up to $375 million.

In 2010, Apple release its much-hyped iPhone 4, the latest in the succession of popular smart phones.  Early users soon found that the phone suffered poor reception when held normally due to the ill-chosen placement of the phone’s internal antenna.  When notified of the flaw, Apple offered the stale solution of “holding the phone in a different way”.  Users scoffed at the lame response, as reception was only lost when holding the phone in the usual manner, which has been the norm of cell phone usage for decades.  Incensed users brought the company to a class action lawsuit, alleging consumer fraud in that the company misrepresented the device’s ability to function in order to increase sales.

The terms of this settlement apply to any purchaser of the iPhone 4, which early numbers indicate may be 25 million people.  If you are eligible to benefit from this refund, Apple is obligated to contact you via email by April 30th, 2012.  After that, purchasers have 120 days to claim their refund.  If you have not been contacted by April 30th and think you are still eligible, contact Apple’s customer service.