Search for an Unknown Well-Wisher

Surprise in the mail

The thought that we are practically always under surveillance can feel unsettling.  The idea may lead us to second guess our internet searches, our purchases in the grocery store, or our text messages to friends and family.  Hundreds of reported women throughout the country, however, have recently raised concerns about communication they have received that does not necessarily coincide with their everyday patterns and habits.  Their red flags have triggered the search for a “Jenny B” and her reason for sending them coupons, gift cards, and greeting cards.  What is the purpose of this kindness?  According to the cards, it is to congratulate the women on their recent pregnancies.  The disturbing factor in this string of events is that many of the women who have received the gifts are not pregnant.

Some peculiarities of the marketing ploy include the hand-written note, the hand-snipped coupons, and the lack of a return address. Nothing about the mailers appear professional or legitimate.  In fact, some of the women have thrown around the word “fraudulent” when describing the ordeal.  In addition to fraudulent, it is also making the women feel entirely uneasy.  One Temple University student has stated that an envelope addressed to her was sent to her parents’ house, which led to a rather uncomfortable conversation.  She had to tell her father that she was not pregnant, and she was uncertain why she would receive such a congratulations for something that did not apply to her.

The contents of the envelopes have been traced back to a company called Mother’s Lounge LLC, based in Utah.  On their website, a Jenny Boscoe is listed as the company’s founder.  Neither Jenny nor any other representative from the company has come forward yet, to claim responsibility for the mailed advertisements. According to the Better Business Bureau website, this company received an F rating due to questionable practices and is not accredited with the BBB.  Several complaints have been made with the BBB in reference to the envelopes and purchases made from the company.  In turn, the BBB has labeled the marketing campaign as confusing and deceitful.  For one example, the gift cards come equipped with hidden fees if activated.  Outstanding alerts remain on the BBB website concerning this company.