Home Improvement Mishap

Renovation dispute

When renovating your home, it is imperative to hire competent contractors that will do the job right the first time.  A Springfield couple performed their due diligence in hiring Home Depot to completely reconstruct their new home.  The renovation would include a new kitchen and bathroom, and new flooring and windows. Home Depot subcontracted the job to B. Lombardi & Sons of Cedar Grove, Verona and Roseland.  The couple is now suing both parties for incomplete work and violations of the Consumer Fraud Act and the Home Improvement Practices Act.  In addition, the couple claims the contractors used poor quality building materials and breached their contracts.

When the contractors abandoned the project, the couple was forced to live in a home that was not complete.  They were left with no other choice than to hire additional contractors to repair the work already done and complete the renovation.  The amount of compensation the couple is suing for is $100,000, which equates to triple damages and legal fees.  According to the lawsuit, the issue with Home Depot has been ongoing for about two years.  The couple was disappointed that such a large, well-known company that prides itself on providing excellent customer service has allowed the issue to prolong itself for this long.

Home Depot is adamant that the company has been working with the couple to try to resolve the matter.  At the beginning of the project in 2018, a company sales representative promised the couple that the company would redo construction that is not done to the customer’s satisfaction.  There was an additional promise made that the renovation would be completed by July 2018. After two managers visited the couple’s home to assess the damage, they claimed that the work that was done was not a good indicator of a quality Home Depot renovation.  The couple has not agreed to the $39,000 settlement offered by Home Depot but hopes to reach a resolution soon.