Grab Your Margaritas, the Lawsuit is Over

Will it help the economy?

The parties involved in a lawsuit, which stalled the building of a Margaritaville resort in Fort Myers Beach, FL, have come to an agreement.  The plaintiffs in the case alleged that the construction and plan for the resort was arguably unconstitutional and would lead to a negative impact due to its size and density.  This lawsuit, however, was not the sole complaint about the project, as other lawsuits in the past have been filed in an attempt to stop the development.  Naturally, the litigation costs required of the lawsuits have hindered the financing of the project itself.  Despite any downfalls or roadblocks that the lawsuits have caused, the plan to create the resort is now underway.

In terms of location, the new Margaritaville resort is set to position near the foot of Matanzas Pass Bridge.  Business owners are pleased with the intended location and foresee an influx of revenue generated by additional tourists.  While the resort may draw in a lot of new visitors, individuals who initially opposed the construction rationalize that an increase in tourists brings an increase in congestion and traffic to the area. To local residents, this additional congestion may appear undesirable.

On the other hand, travelers are excited about the plans for a new resort on Fort Myers Beach and look forward to visiting the beach when the resort is built.  From an economical perspective, the plans to create this new Margaritaville will bring hundreds of construction jobs to the area.  Once the resort is built, additional workers will be needed to run and operate the establishment.  This could not have come at a better time, as the effects of the pandemic continue to saturate the country.  Workers have lost their jobs and employers are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. While there may be perceivable disadvantages to introducing a new resort to Fort Myers Beach, the positive impact will hopefully stimulate a lasting impression.