Ali Syed Goes On Killing Spree


Authorities say that there was no motive Ali Syed’s shooting spree in Orange, California.  Ali Syed, a 20 year-old student, shot and killed three people and injuring four in the early morning of February 19, 2013.

Ali’s first victim was a woman in her twenties not yet identified.  Neighbors heard gun shots and yelling in the early morning.  Syed then ran out of his house that he shares with his two parents, hopped in their car, and fled the scene.  He then stopped a man at a gas station, hijacked his car, and started out the closest highway.

Ali, out of rampage and insanity, began shooting at random vehicles on the highway 55 until he ran out of gas.  He took Melvin Edwards, 69, out of his BMW, killed him execution style, took his car and then headed back out on the highway.

He continued his destruction killing 26 year-old, Jeremy Lewis, in exchange for his small truck.  Syed ended the chase when California State Patrol cornered in him on his way to Orange.  Before authorities could arrest him he shot himself with the same shotgun he had used on his killing spree.

Neighbors say that Ali Syed was quiet and kept to himself.  They had no idea that a storm of violence could have happened in their neighborhood.  Police claim that their safety is of concern but citizens should not be worried.

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