TSA Performs Patdown on 3 Year Old Girl in a Wheelchair on Her Way to Disney World

Airport Security

On February 9th, TSA agents at the St. Louis airport detained Lucy Forck as she and her family were boarding a flight for Orlando, FL.  Lucy has spina bifida and is confined to a wheelchair.  Lucy, and her parents, Nathan and Annie Forck, along with her two siblings, cleared the TSA checkpoint without incident.  However, as they were at the gate ready to board, a TSA agent pulled Lucy aside for additional screening measures.  They wanted to pat her down.  According to Nathan Forck, the TSA agents told him they were singling her out for this additional screening because she’s in a wheelchair. They said they are specifically targeting disabled people for this special scrutiny.

Annie Forck tried to videotape the incident and the TSA agents told her this was illegal. This is government intrusion at its worse.

This policy of the TSA is highly offensive.  It flies in the face of all of the anti-discrimination laws.  I realize radical people have used children to carry out suicide bombings and other outrageous acts of terrorism, but to specifically target people with disabilities is offensive.

To add insult to injury, the TSA did this to another 3 year old in 2010 at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.  The TSA claimed this patdown occurred prior to their modified screening measures.  Did their modified measures include targeting people with disabilities?
See: http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/tsa-detains-3-year-old-in-wheelchair.html

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