Ali Syed Goes On Killing Spree

2008_09_08_bos-ord-sna_526 by Flickr user dsearls, licensed by Creative Commons

                         Highway 55

Authorities say that there was no motive Ali Syed’s shooting spree in Orange, California.  Ali Syed, a 20 year-old student, shot and killed three people and injuring four in the early morning of February 19, 2013.

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Florida Wants To Stop Drones From Spying

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom


Senator Joe Negron, has sponsored a bill that is close to passing in legislation for the ban of drones or UAV surveillance in the state of Florida.  The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is an aircraft that is controlled by computer or by a pilot using remote control.  There is no actual pilot in the drone but it has such technologies that can observe the surface it is covering.  Senator Negron, the Criminal Justice Committee, and its citizens believe drones are an excuse to spy on Floridians.

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