Christina Regusters Charged With Kidnap and Rape

Similar playground the five year old was found

There has been some alarming news in Philadelphia this morning.  A five year old elementary student was kidnapped, assaulted, and raped by a 19 year-old daycare worker.  Christina Regusters, the daycare worker, allegedly wrapped herself in a Muslim  veil, similar to what the five year old’s mother wears, and took the student out of class.  They then proceeded to a nearby house where the girl was told to strip, put on a long t-shirt, and hide under the covers.  Regusters apparently dropped the five year old 18 hours later at a nearby park.

The five year old shaken and freezing told a person in the park that she had been abducted.  Authorities were notified and the investigation began.  The five year old told remembered that there was a bird in the house she was brought to.  Officials started the investigation and her insight had a significant lead.  Christina has been charged with assault, kidnapping, rape, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, and contact with a minor.  It looks like Christina had contact with the five year old before she was abducted because she copycatted her mother’s Muslim veil.  Regusters was arrested after police found DNA on the shirt the five year old was wearing linking Regusters.

Neighbors were stunned to hear that Regusters could kidnap and rape a young girl.  David Hicks was quoted, “She was so soft-spoken. I never had a problem with her,” and said that she had recently been away at college.  The investigation is still on going to find more evidence that Regusters is guilty.  This crime is horrible and disturbing and I hope whoever is convicted and found guilty will receive a long sentence.

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