Will Drones Be Used On Dorner?

On the hunt!

Not too long ago the LAPD had seen Christopher Dorner as one of their own.  Now, they are labeling him as a “domestic terrorist” and “cop killer.”  Dorner is a former Naval Reserve lieutenant and part of the Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit, where he mastered mobile radar and sonar.  These techniques have been used for such missions as Operation Desert Storm/Sheild.  Because Dorner is so skilled this makes the recent events more risky and critical in the hunt to find him.  I use the word hunt because the LAPD has decided to use drones to locate Mr. Droner.

Drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, have been a topic of discussion lately in response to the fact that there is no due process.  If the LAPD uses drones to find Dorner, will they wait til he surrenders or will they kill him on the spot?  The U.S. didn’t hold back on firing upon Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen, connected to al Qaeda; will the LAPD hold back on Christopher Dorner, branded a “domestic terrorist”?

There are obviously two sides to this story.  Christopher Dorner feels that his cause is worthy and it is just to chase down these LA police officers who wronged him.  The LAPD obviously wants to get an expert hunter off the streets to protect their citizens and officers from further fatalities.  I do not condone what Dorner is attempting, but who is really right or wrong?  Dorner deserved to be heard when he was terminated and he still deserves to be heard in the courtroom even if he is a fugitive.  Drones should not be an even be an option especially because it eliminates due process.  If drones are used than the consequences will be even greater for the LAPD than they are now.

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