Florida Wants To Stop Drones From Spying


Senator Joe Negron, has sponsored a bill that is close to passing in legislation for the ban of drones or UAV surveillance in the state of Florida.  The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is an aircraft that is controlled by computer or by a pilot using remote control.  There is no actual pilot in the drone but it has such technologies that can observe the surface it is covering.  Senator Negron, the Criminal Justice Committee, and its citizens believe drones are an excuse to spy on Floridians.

Drones have been used in the past by the Federal Aviation Admission for acts of terrorism.  The Miami Police were given permission to use the drones and Orange County Sheriff’s office just acquired two.  The Florida’s Sheriff Association is opposing the bill, claiming that the drones are used to really protect the citizens not spy on them.  This is now how everyone sees it because of warrants that were granted by judges for loopholes and emergency situations.  Some think that the drones were purchased by intimidation from enforcement lobbyists.

Howard Simon, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, is also a fan of the bill.  He understand that technology is growing and with that privacy and safety draw a fine line.  Along with others he recognizes that there needs to be strict limits on surveillance technology, most specifically drones.  Like Negron said, “Drones are fine to kill terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but they shouldn’t be hovering in the sky, monitoring Floridians.”

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