Woman Wins $300k Due to Personal Trainer’s Negligence

Old school gimmicky workout stuff, by Flickr user "mattechi", licensed via Creative Commons.Seems legit.

When you purchase the services of a personal trainer, you hold an expectation that they have an idea or two about what’s good for your health and that their supervision over unfamiliar workouts comes with a certain expectation of safety.  A New York woman found out the hard way that this is not actually true.  The woman was exercising with her personal trainer, presumably pumping mad iron, when the trainer advised her to try out a new exercise using strange equipment or on a machine of some sort (the press release from which I found this story is a bit lacking in specific detail).  She was hesitant at first because she had never done the exercise before, but continued anyway after the reassurance of her trainer.

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Injured? Should You Settle or Go to Trial?

Check out this excellent blog post about what “going to trial” in an injury lawsuit really means.  Jerry H. Trachtman, an attorney out of Melbourne, Florida, writes a detailed rundown of the comparative benefits and costs of going to trial vs. negotiating a settlement.  If you’re looking for an injury lawyer, it’s important to know that the ones claiming more trial experience than competitors are not necessarily the best option for your case.  In fact, a lawyer who settles more often than going to trial can sometimes be considered more valuable than the opposite.

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