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College Student to get $4 Million in Settlement

Picture this, only smaller.

No one expects to go to a college party and wind up in a DEA holding cell for 4 days. Daniel Chong, a 25 year old college student is filing suit after being taken into custody during a drug raid at a friend’s house in April of 2012. He was taken into custody, but informed no charges against him would be pursued, and to “hang tight”, the officers would be back to get him in a few minutes. The doors to this cell did not open again for four days, and Daniel had no access to any food or water during this time period. When agents finally discovered Daniel still in this holding cell, he was suffering from hallucinations, dehydration, kidney failure, and a perforated esophagus; for which he needed to be hospitalized for five days. Read more

Harvesting Hemp In Kentucky?

Hemp harvest

Is there a simple way to create more jobs and boost the economy?  Kentucky Republicans believe that growing cannabis is now the answer.  U.S. Senator Rand Paul and Commissioner James Comer have been campaigning to allow hemp to grow on their Kentucky soil.

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