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Pitbull Shooting Leads to Lawsuit

Standing ground

On January 1, 2013, the Huffington Post reported a tragic police shooting and death of the pitbull, Kincaid, occurred in the morning at the residence of Stacy Fields and her stepfather Ed Augustine. Two Baltimore, Maryland Police officers were arresting a suspect while Mr. Augustine was restraining Kincaid pleading for him not to shoot Kincaid. However, the police officers alleged that Kincaid lunged at them in which one officer responded with six shots, three of which connecting with Kincaid.

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Renters Win $500,000 Settlement Against Landlord’s Scam

Rental scam

A landlord in Baltimore made quite a profit by faking property damage and suing his former renters for restitution.  That is, until Hong Park, a nonprofit legal aide looking into the matter for one of the renters, found the landlord’s claims to be a little fishy.  The landlord had provided supposed invoices from contractors detailing repairs to the property.  Park noted some suspicions about the invoices though — namely, that they didn’t have any company logos and that they were dated when collections began, not when the renter moved out.  The lawyer called up some of the referenced contractors and, lo and behold, all of the invoices were forged by the landlord.  Park sent the info on to the Maryland Attorney General’s office, and some subpoenas and a class-action lawsuit later, the owner of Ager Road Station Apartments will pay a $500,000 settlement to the former renters he swindled.  For anyone who’s dealt with a less-than-honorable landlord in the past, this settlement is a welcome victory.

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