My Pillow Suit Deemed Fluff

Lawsuit flattened

As the holiday season comes to an end, we may reflect on the family members we have visited, the food we have enjoyed, and the purchases we have made. One of those said purchases might include new linens, slippers, or pillows from My Pillow, Inc., headquartered in Minnesota. While it might be hard to ignore the comfort of these new items, it may be as equally difficult to overlook the conclusion to the CEO’s legal dispute. Earlier this month, a federal judge dismissed Mike Lindell’s lawsuit against the Daily Mail, which was filed this year in January. The claims of the dispute were defamatory in nature, but according to the federal judge handling the case, lacked substantial evidence.

Based on the account published by the British tabloid, Mike Lindell engaged in a secret relationship with actress, Jane Krakowski. Both parties swiftly denied the allegations that they dated for nine months in 2020. Lindell pressed the matter further, claiming that he had never even heard of Krakowski. Despite Lindell’s argument that the information outlined in the article challenged his credibility and damaged his reputation, the federal judge did not agree that an alleged relationship with an actress would be considered defamatory.

The portion of the article that Lindell claims caused the most harm involved the accusation that he sent the actress flowers and champagne. According to Lindell’s lawsuit, this act of offering alcohol infused, romantic gestures led to his inability to provide credible services under his substance use recovery platform, known as the Lindell Recovery Network. As an individual who has experienced his own journey to recovery, Lindell felt that the contents of the article harmed his reputation and contributed to a potential public misconception of his mission. Based on the understanding of how a reasonable person may interpret the article, the federal judge ruled that there was not a case for defamation or libel.