Consumers Wave Good Bai to All-Natural

Basic might actually be better

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle often forces us to pay attention to the ingredients that are pumped into our bodies.  Because the body uses water to facilitate organ function, regulate temperature, and aid in digestion, water is an important aspect of our diets.  Hydration is necessary, but water is not exciting.  Many people do not appreciate the taste of water, or lack there of, and thrive for something more.  Vitamin water is a healthy alternative to tap or spring water, and there are a variety of options available to consumers.  In particular, Bai advertises its water as a beverage infused with only natural ingredients. For those who pay attention to the list of ingredients on the packaging, a specific item mentioned is arguably synthetic. 

The inclusion of malic acid in Bai water products presents a fruity taste in the beverages. This chemical compound is probably not natural; and while malic acid is not necessarily harmful to the body, its presence leaves some consumers questioning the integrity of Bai. One individual has even gone so far as to file a lawsuit against Bai, and the company’s spokesperson / investor, Justin Timberlake. Famous and recognizable, Timberlake was named as a defendant in the lawsuit, which was filed in April 2018.

The plaintiff, Kevin Branca, a California native, claims that Bai committed false advertising, which lead to deceiving consumers.  Branca professes that it is misleading to push Bai water as an all-natural product, but then list ingredients that contradict the marketing.  The plaintiff did not initially name Timberlake in the original filing of the lawsuit, but has since included him as a defendant. According to the lawsuit, Timberlake holds the title of Chief Flavor Officer of all Bai products, and should therefore be aware of any fraudulent practices that he is promoting. That catchy title comes with more than a corner office; it ensures a position at the forefront of a civil lawsuit.

Timberlake has attempted to remove himself as a defendant, and is pushing for the dismissal of the entire lawsuit. The Chief Flavor Officer maintains his ignorance to all of the ingredients that actually go into Bai products, and assures the public that his title with Bai only serves a promotional purpose rather than one that involves company decision-making.