Class Action Lawsuit Against Naked Juice

Not only “All Natural” Ingredients

Naked Juice Consumers could be entitled to as much as 75 dollars if they purchased the product between September 27, 2007 and August 19, 2013. A recent class action lawsuit against the brand stated “alleged misuse of health phrases”. Phrases such as 100% Juice, 100% Fruit, All Natural Fruit, Non-GMO, etc. have caught the brand in the middle of this large lawsuit. While such phrases are printed on their easily recognizable bottles, the lawsuit claims that many of these products do in fact contain ingredients that are not “All Natural”, and some of the products are also made with genetically altered soy. This alleged false advertising has led parent company PepsiCo to settle for $9 million dollars, spread out across their many consumers.

The lawsuit, filed in California, states that the company violated state and federal laws related to advertising their Naked product. These statements are refuted by PepsiCo, but such health phrases will no longer be used on the juice’s packaging. The company claims that phrases like “All Natural”, refer to the fruits and vegetables used in the juice, not the additional ingredients that might be included in some Naked beverages. Individuals who purchased these beverages can send in a claim up until December 17, 2013 to receive 75$ if they provide proof of purchase, and up to 45$ without proof of purchase. The amount you are eligible receive correlates to the amount of the product you purchased.

Apparently “All Natural” labels on food and beverage products does not necessarily mean that the product is indeed using only natural ingredients. PepsiCo found a loophole to lure consumers who are looking for only all natural products to purchase their Naked beverages. The company’s labeling violations are now requiring them to provide compensation to their many customers.