UCF Student Found Dead With Guns and Explosives

Assault weapon and explosives found

Students at the University of Central Florida have evacuated the Tower 1 dorm after explosives and guns were found in a student’s dorm room.  The student was found dead by a self inflicted gun shot.  Students were moved to the UCF arena and await questioning.

Authorities were called the Tower 1 dorm around 12 a.m. after a fire alarm went off.  Students thought that the fire alarm was just a drill but when they encountered an officer evacuating the students with a machine gun they knew it could be something more serious.  Police found an assault weapon, a hand gun, and explosives.  FBI was called on the scene to see if the explosives needed to be disarmed.

University classes have been canceled for Monday for safety precautions.  Authorities have reassured that the students are not in any danger.  About 500 students were sent to the UCF arena and counseling has been suggested for any student that needs it.

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