Class Action: Golden Corral Gets the Lasso

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A popular restaurant chain based out of North Carolina is now getting grilled themselves.  The Golden Corral Corporation is coming under fire after selling food that was unfit for human consumption.  Plaintiffs in both Seattle, Washington and Casper, Wyoming have come out claiming that employees of Golden Corral restaurant had been negligent towards health precautions and correct procedures taken as part of a class action lawsuit. 

The restaurant goers are seeking monetary compensation for medical bills as well as damages received after being subject to lackluster food preparation.  The controversy started when an outbreak called Norovirus, caused hundreds of people in a small Wyoming town to become ill.

Over the winter, health investigators have found reports claiming overall negligence on the Golden Corral employees’ part.  This includes serving uncooked and/or raw meat to patrons, as well as not properly cleaning plates and dishes.  A few cases of customers vomiting inside the dining hall have surfaced as well.  Other symptoms of this virus include stomach cramps, diarrhea, and dehydration.  The Seattle law firm representing the plaintiffs whose total number may reach 7,000, is Marler Clark.


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  1. Kevin Maher Post author

    Let that be a lesson to those seeking buffet restaurants in Wyoming. To be honest, I have always had a negative connotation to buffet-style chain restaurants. While the food itself is usually decent enough I have an uneasy feeling about that amount of people in a room with those various kinds of food. It seems like a rather large melting pot of smells, tastes, and apparently germs. I’m also guessing Golden Corral has big enough pockets to reach into in order to settle quickly. Either way, it might make you think twice about saddling up at the Golden Corral.

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