Utah Highway Patrol Fired Over False DUI Arrests

False arrests

Trooper of the year in Salt Lake City, Utah is now up against a lawsuit for false DUI charges for over 1500 people.  Lisa Steed had made over 400 arrests in 2009 beating out most of the state of Utah and receiving recognition from the state, but I guess she pulled a fast one over everyone’s heads.  Now, many who were arrested by the hands of Steed are coming forward to complain of the charges that were raised against them.

Lisa Steed was caught red handed after video footage of her arrests have been posted.    Steed was reportedly leaving her microphone in the police car so that her superiors would think that she was following agency policies.  Steed would pull over drivers who she thought to be drinking and driving, put them through DUI tests, and continued to arrest them after they had passed the tests.  Charges for these faulty DUI’s were dropped later when they found there was no alcohol in the drivers’ systems.

Steed believe that arresting people was part of the numbers game, pulling over 1/10 people that passed her on the highway.  She was quoted saying, “It’s a lot of hard work, but you make a ton of stops, and you’re going to run into them.”  She was taken off Highway Patrol in Patrol in April 2012 and now has been removed  officially for violating department policies, falsifying police reports and using questionable practices when making DUI arrests.

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