NY Man Shoots Two and Kills Sister


What is a 62 year old man’s motives for killing two fire fighters and trying to burn down the whole neighborhood?  No one knows for sure, but he did leave a note explaining that, “I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down and do what I like doing best — killing people.”  Is this just a coincidence after the Newton Shooting, or do should we really be focused on gun control?  William Spengler, shot two fire fighters and injured two with a semi automatic rifle, the same gun used in the Sandy Hook Shooting.

He attacked the fire fighters when they were trying to put out a fire that started from a car in front of his house.  In the note he left he said that he wanted to burn down the whole neighborhood but might have only killed his sister on the way.  A dead corpse was also found in his house in which authorities are assuming it was his sister.  Spengler took his life after police arrived on the scene and started firing at him.  Because of the back and forth firing seven houses burned down.

William was not allowed to purchase or hold guns because he was convicted for the death of his grandmother and went to jail for 17 years.  Authorities do not know where he got the rifles that were used in this bizarre shooting.  I hope that our nations leaders can come to a decision about gun control so that people like William Spengler have a harder time of getting their hands on guns.


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