Unconstitutional Search Leads to Lawsuit


To quote an exhilarating and thrilling movie of our time, Superbad, “I assume you all have guns and cocaine.”  This thought might have been running through State Troopers David Farrell and Kelley Helleson’s minds when they pulled over Angel Dobbs and Ashley Dobbs.  The two women are suing the Texas State troopers for an unconstitutional body cavity search.  They were pulled over for littering with cigarette butts on a highway in Irving, Texas.  The state troopers suspected the two ladies of smelling like marijuana so they felt it necessary to pull them out of the car and search them.  Angel Dobbs passed the sobriety test and the car was searched.  They then continued to search their persons, going so far as to reach in their genitals.  The women claim that State Trooper Kelley Helleson did not even change gloves when she searched each girl.  Angel and Ashley are now suing for the humiliation and violation that was caused during the search.

The State Troopers didn’t stop with their fronts, they also searched Angel’s anus and irritated a cyst that she has been affected by.  She was in serious pain not only from the search but also from the humiliation.

Angel and Ashley want justice.  They were violated and embarrassed sitting on the side of the road having a full body cavity search and there was nothing that they could do about it.  Angel said that she wanted to protect her niece but what could she really do, they are State Troopers.  This is not the first time that events like these have happend and so the ladies are also suing, Steven McCraw, director of Texas Department of Public Safety, because he had known of previous incidents.

Kelley Helleson is suspended without pay until the lawsuit is finished.  The case will go before a grand jury to decide the final outcome.  Angel and Ashley want to make sure that this invasive and sick body cavity search does not happen again.

One thought on “Unconstitutional Search Leads to Lawsuit

  1. Robyn Doane Post author

    WOW. How disgusting are these State Troopers? How dare they violate these women like this, and over a littering fine! Something needs to be done in Texas so that this problem never arises again. Why do these troopers think that they can take advantage of someone like this, whether it be a woman or man. It also makes me angry that this is not the first reported incident, are their superiors ignoring the fact that people are bare being violated? I am so glad that these two women are strong enough to stick up for themselves and future victims in order to prevent another repulsive event.

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