Wrongful Termination: Exeter Hospital Nurse


The rule of thumb is that one is innocent until proven otherwise. That is not always the case when it comes to cases of wrongful termination. Guilty by association has cost many people their jobs and this trend will most likely always be around.

Recently, a New Hampshire hospital, Exeter, fired one of its nurses to due her close relationship with one of their doctors who was accused of infecting his patients with Hepatitis C.

Kerry Descoteau, a nurse and single mother of two, was fired from her job soon after traces of Hepatitis C from 32 Exeter patients was traced back to doctor David Kwiatkowski’s DNA.

Descoteau’s termination letter read that there was a credible suspicion that she may have assisted in infecting patients with Hepatitis C, though no official charges have been made. Descoteau claims that she was wrongfully terminated because she knew nothing of the Hepatitis C cases and that she is only linked to this case because she shared a residence with doctor Kwiatkowski.

Doctor Kwiatkowski tested positive for Hepatitis C, but no word as to if nurse Descoteau has the condition. Cases like this are always intriguing and ones that the employment lawyers of Chelle & Zoldan will keep a close eye on.

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