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Camden Man Slits Throats on PCP


Phencyclidine also known as PCP is a hallucinogenic drug that when smoked can cause violent outbursts and thrashing.  Oswaldo Rivera, from Camden, New Jersey has learned this the hard way after smoking the drug “wet”; “Wet” is the street term used to describe the combination of PCP and marijuana.  Rivera is being charged with murder and attempted murder after he broke in to an apartment and slit the throats of two young children.  The 6 year old boy passed away and his 12 year old sister was sent to the hospital in critical condition.  Cops linked the murder to Rivera after they had found footprints on the scene that had matched his bloody shoes.  The hallucinogenic drug does not normally produce such violent effects, users are usually incoherent and spaced-out.

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Students Subjected To School Lunch On The Floor

Food disaster

The Camden Board of Education has agreed to settle for $500,000 after a teacher forced 15 students to eat lunch off of tray liners on the floor.  This was done as a punishment for the 15 predominately hispanic students.  Even the students who were not present on the day were subject to the abuse as well. The punishment was administered after one of her students spilled some water while attempting to change the water jug in the cooler. In this community, there is high population of both African-American students, as well as Hispanic students. This punishment prompted the African-American students to taunt and poke-fun at the students sitting on the ground, further aggravating the tension between the African American and Hispanic populations in the community.

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