Guest List Royally Flawed

A wedded disaster

Following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir at the top of the year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have maintained their relevance for reasons unrelated to spilling secrets about the royal family.  Strangely, they are mentioned in a lawsuit that focuses on the botched planning and organization of the wedding between Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz.  The nuptials, which took place in April 2022, were apparently preceded with a strong dose of chaos.  Peltz’s father has filed a lawsuit, claiming that wedding planners, Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba, refused to honor the return of a $159,000 deposit.

The planners, who own the company Plan Designs, claim that in an attempt to harm their personal and professional reputations, the plaintiffs leaked disjointed text messages to the public.  One of these messages references the attendance or invitation of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.  Within the group chat, the mother of the bride, Claudia Peltz, questions whether Meghan received an invitation.  The guest list served as a clear point of contention between the parties.  According to the wedding planners, who were hired six weeks before the wedding and were terminated only 9 days later, Peltz offered four different guest lists.

The wedding planners contend that one of the lists was provided with incomplete information, including missing and incorrect addresses.  When they reached out to Peltz for the needed contact details for guests with missing information, they were allegedly advised to consult Google.  Among their various duties, Plan Design was hired to fix the guest list, but was later let go from the engagement when certain expectations were not met.  Peltz’s father, who is described by the defendants as a billionaire bully, not only accused the planners of fraud but also provided text messages to the media that further illustrated the company’s apparent incompetence and inability to fulfill the contract.  The defendants have since filed a counterclaim for breach of contract.  Regardless of the final guest list, Meghan and Harry reportedly did not attend the wedding.