Pumped for a Settlement

Costly accusations

The accusations against film producer, Randall Emmett, are not only damaging but are also potentially costly.  With the recent season 10 premiere of reality show, Vanderpump Rules, the gravity of numerous allegations presented against Emmett has resurfaced.  In this first episode, Lala Kent, the former fiancé of the defendant, who also serves as one of the show’s frontrunners, recounts an LA Times article from mid-2022 that chronicles a list of lawsuits against her ex.  The various claims include trading sexual favors for acting roles, engaging in illegal drug sales, and attempting to cover up his actions through non-disclosure agreements and settlements.

In addition to the personal accusations against Emmett, his production company has also faced business-related lawsuits concerning misrepresentation and fraud.  More recently, toward the end of 2022, Emmett’s ex-wife, Ambyr Childers, sought a domestic violence restraining order.  After she had received communication from an FBI agent concerning Emmett’s alleged inappropriate actions related to minors, Childers was prompted to file the petition.  The restraining order was denied, and the matter was further settled in court.  Emmett has denounced the claims against him and has accused Childers of filing the restraining order in an attempt to damage his career.

During the Vanderpump Rules episode, Lala Kent appears disgusted with the allegations presented in the June 2022 LA Times article and has surmised that the various lawsuits calculate to perhaps $25 million in sought damages.  One of the lawsuits, filed toward the end of 2022, was initiated by Emmett’s former assistant, but has since been settled for an undisclosed amount.  The assistant presented 24 claims, ranging from Emmett allegedly engaging in racial discrimination, nurturing a hostile work environment, and forcing this employee to complete illegal tasks, including the transportation of cocaine and the filing of a false insurance claim for a Rolls Royce that was apparently not missing.  Although a portion of the lawsuits are behind Emmett, the drama of the aftermath may play well into the current season of Vanderpump Rules.